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Precima Promotion Optimization Solution Brief
Learn how our solution can give you a competitive edge by determining optimal localized assortment recommendations and easily keep up with your customers’ shifting preferences.

Why Customer-Centric Merchandising and Marketing is the Foundation for Growth
Read the Incisiv/Precima Market Snapshot to learn how retailers must adopt a customer-centric merchandising and marketing framework to navigate the new-normal.


Personalization is the New Loyalty, Research Says
Research conducted by IDC Retail Insights, sponsored by Precima on the importance of Personalization.

Personalized Promotions: “Show Me You Care”
Research commissioned by Precima and conducted by IDC – reveals relevance, communications, and trust are fundamental to the value equation.

Pursuing the Promise of Big Data
Learn why earning customer loyalty and becoming more customer-centric by listening to shopper data is necessary for retailers.

Case Study

Precima Promotion Optimization Case Study


NRF Exhibitor Big Ideas Session: Personalized Promotion in Digital Food Retail
Video Series: “Personalized Promotion”

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