The Importance of Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

With increased competition from numerous channels and the growing prevalence of omnichannel shopping, both retailers and suppliers understand the importance of collaboration to meet the needs of today’s shopper.

Our latest research, conducted by Coresight Research is based on the analysis of data from an online survey of 210 large global grocery retailers and consumer packaged goods suppliers in France, Germany, the UK and the US. The objective of the research was to effectively shed light on the state and importance of retailer-supplier collaboration across grocery, drug and mass retail.

Some key insights:

• Retailers and suppliers who cited improved collaboration over the last two years, cited improved business operations impacted over one-fifth of their total revenue.

• Respondents see the ability to meet the needs of shoppers as the top advantage of collaboration.

• Adopting a common platform for improved collaboration with one version of the truth is the key to shopper-centricity.

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