Promotion Optimization

Don’t waste time—focus on your most effective promotions.

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Improve Promotion Value Perception and Drive Valuable Traffic

We use advanced analytics to look at all of your promotions concurrently. We help you stop poor-performing promotions, fix inefficient ones, reinvest in top-performing promotions and slant promotions disproportionately toward your best customers, not the cherry pickers, helping you build long-term loyalty. By focusing on promotions that create true incremental value at both the item and basket levels, you’ll multiply the impact of your promotional activity.

Cutting inefficient promotions can free up dollars to be reinvested in better ways.

Optimizing your promotional strategy can increase sales by 3–6% and profits by 5–10% over the promotional period.

Why it works

Spend your time and promotion funds creating offers that drive performance with your best customers and strategic customer segments.

Try, learn, try again

We provide accurate, comprehensive promotional modeling, including marketing mix, to tease apart the factors that lead to successful promotions and those that don’t.

Strategic benchmarking

We analyze and compare promotions both within and across categories to help you establish performance expectations at the store aisle, promotion and category level.

We make it easy for you

There’s no need to enter promotions yourself into your system – we do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to stay focused on operations.

Fact-based vendor discussions

We help you collaborate directly and transparently with your vendors by providing shared visibility to your promotional insights.

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