Alvin Lim

As chief scientist, Alvin Lim leads Precima’s Research and Development team. He draws on 25 years of experience in mathematical modeling and optimization, with a focus on developing data-driven applications in pricing and revenue management, assortment optimization, targeted marketing and marketing mix optimization. Since 2011, Alvin has successfully led and implemented assortment, price optimization and targeted marketing systems for numerous global clients in the retail and B2B space. He has the rare ability to address a business challenge and select the appropriate solution that will add the most value to the organization.

Prior to Precima, Alvin was vice president of optimization at Nielsen Marketing Analytics, where he led the development of marketing mix, assortment and price optimization strategies and solutions for leading CPG and retail clients. He also worked at Delta Technology/Delta Air Lines where his significant contribution to the development of Delta’s revenue management system was awarded a US patent. Alvin holds a PhD in mathematical sciences from the Johns Hopkins University.