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Precima Personalized Marketing Solution Brief
Find out how you can drive loyalty by transforming your marketing organization into a personalization leader.

Why Customer-Centric Merchandising and Marketing is the Foundation for Growth
Read the Incisiv/Precima Market Snapshot to learn how retailers must adopt a customer-centric merchandising and marketing framework to navigate the new-normal.

Personalization in Digital Food Retail: U.S Shoppers Embracing Omni-Channel Commerce
Learn key reasons why personalization helps digital food retailers compete more effectively and meet shoppers’ needs.

Personalization in Digital Food Retail: European Online Food Shopping Rapidly Nears the Tipping Point
Research from Precima, conducted by IDC, shows how European food shoppers are rapidly shifting to embrace digital food retail.


Personalization at Scale in Grocery Retail
With customers’ continually changing needs it is important for retailers to meet their needs with “personalization at scale” and win long-term loyalty.

News Release: Jumbo Supermarkten Grows Relationship with Precima
Precima, a Nielsen Company, is growing its relationship at Jumbo Supermarkten, with a multi-year contract for pricing, assortment, floor space optimization, supplier engagement and personalization solutions. 

CSA: Experts Weigh in – Retail Predictions 2021
Precima’s Brian Ross discusses his 2021 retail predictions with Chain Store Age.

Personalization is the New Loyalty, Research Says
Research conducted by IDC Retail Insights, sponsored by Precima on the importance of Personalization.

Personalized Promotions: “Show Me You Care”
With more U.S. shoppers embracing omni-channel, see what research commissioned by Precima and conducted by IDC reveals about some of the fundamentals to the value equation.

Case Study

Precima Personalized Marketing Case Study


NRF Exhibitor Big Ideas Session: Personalization is Driving Food Retailing
Learn about the current omni-channel experience in food retailing, what personalization means to shoppers vs. retailers and how to leverage next-gen analytics.

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