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Solution Brief and Research Report

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Precima Category Insights Solution Brief

Learn how to get insights into the hands of your decision-makers – and put the shopper at the center of every decision. Read More

How Category Management Has Changed Forever

Exclusive new research from Precima, a NielsenIQ company and Coresight Research explores the future of retail category management in grocery/drug/mass retail. Read More


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Customer-Centricity Is the New Focus of Category Management

To thrive in the post-pandemic environment, customer-centricity must be at the core of retail category management, primarily because of shifts in consumer behavior. Read More

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Actionable Insights are Non-Negotiable

To enable sustained success, food, drug, mass retailers recognize the need to base category management decisions on a truer read of the omnichannel consumer, new research shows.
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No Longer an Afterthought: A Case for Omnichannel Category Tactics

Research reveals a fresh take is needed for tried-and-true merchandising methods in food-drug-mass channels, to adapt to enduring changes in omnichannel shopper behavior. Read More

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Charting the Next Era of Category Management

As food-drug-mass retailers regain footing lost during the Pandemic, new research reveals their approach to category management is in transition. Read More

Customer-Centricity is at the Core of Retail Category Management Today

Customer-Centricity is at the Core of Retail Category Management Today, According to Exclusive New Research by Precima, a NielsenIQ company and Coresight. Read More

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How Category Management Has Changed Forever

Industry experts, Ken Fenyo, president of research & advisory, Coresight Research, and Martin Black, director for EMEA partnership development at Precima, a NielsenIQ company for a first look at new research and insight into what’s next for category management. Learn More


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