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Precima Assortment Solution Brief
Learn how our solution can give you a competitive edge by determining optimal localized assortment recommendations and easily keep up with your customers’ shifting preferences.

Why Customer-Centric Merchandising and Marketing is the Foundation for Growth
Read the Incisiv/Precima Market Snapshot to learn how retailers must adopt a customer-centric merchandising and marketing framework to navigate the new-normal.


How AI Can Solve Retailers’ Assortment Issues
AI plays an increasingly important role in grocery assortment planning going forward in 2021.

What’s the Post-Pandemic Assortment Outlook?
For grocery retailers, assortment management is a perennial challenge in the best of times.

After the Deluge: What is the Outlook for Assortment Once the Pandemic Abates?
With more U.S. shoppers embracing omni-channel, see what research commissioned by Precima and conducted by IDC reveals about some of the fundamentals to the value equation.

Analyzing the Shift to Online Grocery
IDC’s research underscores several important initiatives that retailers can use to successfully serve shoppers digitally. 

Shopper Centricity is the Key to Successfully Resetting Retail
Learn two trends that retailers will need to address to successfully operate in the post-lockdown world.

Case Study

Precima Assortment Optimization Case Study


NRF Exhibitor Big Ideas Session: Personalized Assortment
Video Series: “Personalized Assortment”

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