Precima Shares Best Practices from Insight-Driven Decisions at WRC 2019

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Precima, a global retail strategy, analytics and cloud software company that provides data-driven solutions to retailers, and a supermarket chain in The Netherlands, are presenting at the World Retail Congress in Amsterdam on May 14, 2019. The session will feature how data analytics can optimize the shopper experience through pricing, promotions, assortment and personalization as well as data sharing with their suppliers.

 “As the retail industry becomes even more competitive, leading grocers will continue to find new ways to offer great value supported by a comprehensive understanding of their customers,” said Brian Ross, CEO of Precima.

The session at the World Retail Congress is at 11: 35 am on May 14, 2019 in Lab E.

About Precima

Precima is a global retail strategy and analytics company that provides tailored, data-driven solutions to drive sales, boost profitability, and build customer loyalty. Leveraging deep analytics expertise, Precima helps organizations improve their competitive position across all facets of planning and operations from pricing optimization, promotional planning, assortment optimization, targeted marketing, and supplier collaboration. Precima’s head office is located in Toronto, Canada, with global offices in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Chicago, USA, and London, UK.