Personalization in Digital Food Retail, Shoppers Expect More

A woman smiling while looking at a tablet in a grocery store

Digital is becoming an intrinsic shopping experience. Retailers must become data-driven to reach customers through digital experiences, deliver promotions and offers that reflect each shopper’s preferences, and orchestrate communications across mobile apps and devices and virtual assistants. Personalization opportunities are shifting rapidly to digital omni-channel touch-points.

Our global survey, conducted by IDC and commissioned by Precima, uncovered that 35% of shoppers will spend 26%-40% of their grocery budget online as soon as next year. To get ready for this shift, retailers need to:

  • Meet customers’ online shopping expectations. Trust, quality, convenience, choice,and personalized promotions and offers make the difference.
  • Adapt the store format to shoppers’ behavior. Shoppers tend to select and buy fresh food in-store but order non-food items online. This pattern allows reduction of space for nonfood items while differentiating and optimizing store assortment.

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