How Retailers and Brands Can Enhance Personalized Promotions

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Shoppers are tired of sharing their data without any direct benefit – they want personalization in the form of promotions that appeal directly to their current needs. A presentation at the Promotion Optimization Institute’s (POI) Spring Summit 2017, sponsored by Precima, shares the key strategies and tactics retailers and brands should consider deploying to better engage customers throughout the buying cycle.

The general session, titled, Personalized Offers: The Cure for Tired, Ineffective Promotions, is led by Graeme McVie, Vice President & General Manager of Precima, and Sean Coary, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Saint Joseph’s University, and will be presented Friday, April 7, 2017 at 10:50 am at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.  Learn how retailers and CPG’s should collaborate and create lasting competitive advantage by making the right offer to the right person at the right time.

“We are going to offer a series of action items that will help companies gain a first mover advantage in making promotions more personalized. These insights will support retailers and brands in their efforts to drive more traffic to both the physical and digital assets, and help increase customer loyalty,” said McVie.

POI and Precima have also teamed up on a whitepaper Personalized Offers: The Cure for Tired, Ineffective Promotions based on research highlighting best practices, case examples, and benefits for retailers and manufactures when it comes to personalized offers within consumer goods.

Michael Kantor, CEO and founder of Promotion Optimization Institute, said, “Our theme for the event is Fusing Digital and Trade Strategies to Drive Mutual Growth: Taking your TPM TPO and Advanced Analytics Capabilities to the Next Level, so Graeme and Sean’s session is a perfect fit for our audience of more than 300 marketers and merchandisers. We look forward to having them share how best to take advantage of the  retail value chain’s personalized promotion opportunities, and the ROI delivered.”

Note to editors: The presentation from the session is available upon request.

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