Aligning Merchandising and Marketing With Shoppers

A woman using a smart phone surrounded by produce

Managing retail on a category-by-category basis is no longer sustainable. Retailers need to be able to expand on singularly focused category management strategies to deliver a more individualized, shopper-oriented experience. 

It’s time for a new, shopper-centric approach to category management: Total Store Optimization. Using advanced analytics and insights, Total Store Optimization allows retailers to simultaneously optimize merchandising and marketing decisions that impact customers’ buying behavior across all categories in the store. 

With Total Store Optimization, we put the shopper at the center of your strategy and help you define and operationalize category roles by using advanced analytics to understand customer behavior and recommend a balanced set of actionable price, promotion, assortment and customer marketing recommendations across your category and customer portfolio.

“Precima looks at the whole store to understand the full impact of promotions and pricing tactics on category performance and customer lifetime value based on deep models of customer buying propensities. The approach puts buyers and marketers on a common footing with shared customer analytics.”
    — Greg Girard, Program Director, Worldwide Omni-Channel Retail Analytics Strategies. 

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