Investing in Technology and Data Analytics that Make it Possible

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January 26, 2019

10:00 am – 10:45 am | Imperial Ballroom

Investing in Technology and Data Analytics that Make it Possible: Digital Imperatives Part 2

Insights into Cohesive Shopper Insights, Marketing & Promotions and Digital Shelf Optimization

Optimization of the shelf takes on a new meaning and opens up new opportunities as digitally connected commerce becomes the norm. At the same time that the digital shelf becomes intimately smaller to fit the mere 4.7 inches on an iPhone 7 screen, it is also infinitely larger and deeper than its physical counterpart and potentially, far more dynamic. As changes in media consumption, advertising and shopping behaviors are creating new opportunities, finding your course of action based on cohesive shopper insights and identifying the right platform for presentation are a challenge.

In this session, you will hear insights on how to create a simplified approach to a complicated landscape with shopper insights, marketing & promotions, digital shelf optimization and the right presentation platform for you. Plan, activate, measure!